Jungle Ice Nutritous Meat Treat

Jungle Ice, Nutritious Meat Treat for your Pets!

Jungle ice is a delicious and nutritious meat treat that was created for your dog or cat. We only use the finest human food grade ingredients in every serving.

Keep your jungle ice frozen then serve right from the freezer in the summer and for those colder months simply heat it up for a great meat and gravy soft treat.

We are the FIRST! Jungle Ice is approved by the Utah State Health Department to be sold at any participating ice shack.

Jungle Ice - Frozen Pet Treats

(Keep Frozen until ready to serve)


Welcome! We are so excited to introduce you to Jungle Ice Nutritious Meat Treats!

Gayle Reynolds, owner and founder of Le Paw Grooming is the creator of this amazing pet product called Jungle Ice Frozen Pet Treats. Gayle has spent many years in the development and creation of a healthy, natural and safe product that with make the most finicky of pets jump for joy every time they see Jungle Ice.

Jungle ice is made from high quality chicken breast or roast beef. Every order of these frozen pet treats are made to order and with extreme care to ensure that your pet has the very best. All meat products are carefully trimmed and mixed with our proprietary blend of natural ingredients so that you can be sure that your pet is eating a treat that is good for them rather than a pre-packaged unknown product from the store that has added colors, preservatives or un-safe ingredients.

These treats where created with dogs in mind but our ingredients are so fresh and natural that you can feed them to any and all of your special four legged friends. Jungle ice is so natural that even you can heat one up for yourself.

A healthy treat for your young puppy, active dog, senior dog, kitten or cat.

You can serve Jungle Ice to your pets straight from the freezer or you can pop them in the microwave to be served as a warm treat.

Certified Pet Groomer
Created by a Master Groomer for your special pets.

Vet Approved Jungle Ice Nutritious Meat Treats

Our Pet Treats are Vet Approved!

Jungle Ice Nutritious Meat Treats are made from 100% natural ingredients and are vet approved. 

We use premium roasted chicken and roast beef, natural sea salt, pure olive oil and organic carrots. 

Only the best for your pets!

Best Friends Utah

Le Paw & Jungle Ice are proud supporters of Best Friends Animal Society. We will donate a portion of our sales to support NKUT. One out of every five containers sold goes directly to Best Friends of Utah.

New Jungle Ice Cream, Pet Ice Cream

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Jungle Ice Frozen Pet Treats

Le Paw is a professional pet groomer that you can trust. We have been taking care of family pets since 1973 and we understand how important it is to have your pet treated great and look great. 

Customer Service & Animal Kindness is Number One Priority! 

Our love for all animals was the number one reason why we created Jungle Ice Nutritious Meat Treats.

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